digentDigital Entrepreneurship remains a passion of mine and an emerging strength for RIT. This Fall, students in “Building a Web Business” worked on and launched the following businesses online:

http://www.trackexploits.com/ http://www.colegrovemotorsports.com/ http://footballconversation.com http://www.raptoob.com/ http://www.thecashplanner.com/ http://www.virtual-handy-man.com/ http://Athletescore.com http://Westgatefashionpark.com http://college-warehouse.com/ http://www.ezlowfare.com/ http://www.calamitees.com/ http://frznsun.com http://www.singlefrugalfather.com/ http://emilyannalyse.com http://connectafam.com http://leroysaucecompany.com/ http://www.cakefections.com/ http://tidywhities.net http://www.digitutors.com/ http://sportzjunky.net http://msflotips.com

The list includes Ad-based content sites, Online retail, Amazon affiliates and others. This is very impressive work for just 10 weeks of class time. Our Digital Business minor supports students in learning about how new technologies like those deployed in this class are transforming traditional business practice!

Next up: the Digital Entrepreneurship class with students from around RIT’s campus. Last night’s team formation yielded 10 project teams creating business plans for new ideas that leverage these new technologies. Stop in at: http://digent.rit.edu to learn more.

Congratulations new student digital entrepreneurs

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