Apr 13 2015

A demonstration of an affiliate marketing link

I use this HDMI cable to watch laptop content on my TV…

Sep 9 2014

Infogr.am in class demo

Here is my cool info graphic…



Sep 9 2014

Infogr.am demonstration

Jun 28 2011

Web as Brain, People as Neurons

People are neuronsMany of us have been influenced by far-thinker Kevin Kelly. “We are the web” inspired and was featured in M Wesch’s popular video. My colleague Sean Hansen and I have begun a discussion about what the new forms of neuroscience might look like on this global brain.

A key area to start would be to look at people’s behavior in the context of neural firing literature. We gotta Golgi stain the social media users.

Mar 20 2011

Rise Above the Crowd: an interactive digital side-channel for Imagine RIT

I am VERY excited to reveal what has become a well-kept secret on RIT’s campus this Winter: Rise Above the Crowd is an interactive crowd experiment in live event journalism and community engagement that will take place during the Imagine RIT Innovation Festival on May 7th, 2011.

What is it? Rise Above the Crowd takes the digital conversations that a crowd of 25,000 people are having during an event and makes then visible on large screens and votable by cell phone throughout the campus. Your participation is rewarded with prizes based on the amount of your activity as well as the popularity and quality of your contributions. You can send text messages, tweets, and especially photos to the community and they will immediately be visible all over the campus. As the crowd votes up your contributions they will rise on our boards, giving you a greater and greater chance to win great prizes like iPads, web-enabled cameras and much more.

The system design has been a truly interdisciplinary effort with students and faculty from all over campus contributing. Journalism Prof Andrea Hickerson and I are the principal investigators and points of contact. Much, much more information is about to launch, but if you really want to know, I would be more than happy to tell you!


Jan 15 2010

Note from the mayor of Saunders College at RIT

Please pay your taxes!

Oct 11 2009

NSF Future Internet Summit

I am honored to have been selected to attend the National Science Foundation’s Future Internet Summit. As I browse the list of attendees, I see lots of brilliant computer scientists and networking specialists, a few industry folks, and some economists and myself (in Business) rounding out the list.

This promises to be a fascinating experience interacting with some very bright people. KnowInnovation will facilitate our interactions. I’ll let you know more as the week unfolds.

Aug 11 2009

On Reconnecting with the MIS community Part 2


As expected, I learned a lot on my recent trip to the AMCIS conference in San Francisco. One striking thing is the incredibly high quality of new Ph.D.s in MIS. I met so many talented people, and interviewed as many as I could for our faculty position at RIT (http://bitly.com/ritmis).  While advantageous for RIT, the true shame is that there are not enough faculty jobs for these talented people- not by a long shot. The fact that there are so few positions creates a dangerous situation where a whole generation of educators/researchers could be lost (thanks SWH for this idea).   At this moment, there is not a lot that we can do about it.

However, longer term there is one obvious thing to do-increase the enrollments in MIS. I believe there are two paths to that: better communication about the discipline, and recentering the discipline on the knowledge areas of its faculty. As an example of communication, the chart above (thanks Chuck Wood) shows clearly that MIS starting salaries have been the highest in the business schools for some time.  Employers REALLY want the combination of technology and business and are willing to pay for it. MIS people end up doing a wide variety of things in organizations, but their tech/business/communications skills make them the key players in a lot of what happens. My friend Richard DeMartino comments how well MIS students do in entrepreneurial teams, and I am proud of what this group accomplishes.

A second important approach to reviving the discipline is to find ways to capture the intellectual curiosity and new knowledge developed by its faculty. While for some researchers this is already happening, for many of us the curriculum is a standard that is far away from our interests. At AMCIS, I learned that MANY people are researching things that will never be taught in the standard curriculum. I feel that this is a shame, and possibly a detriment to the discipline.

The MIS discipline has room for lots of different subjects in its conferences. We should find the way to bring them back to our students, because that natural energy that comes from doing what you like does not have a substitute.

Jun 8 2009

Daily Digest for 2009-06-08

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Jun 6 2009

Daily Digest for 2009-06-06

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